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Flowers and Incense at Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Detailed lists of restaurants, hotels, shops, books, magazines, articles to help you find just the right spot on your trip for the perfect meal, room, museum, or spa, or to study about the local culture before your trip.  Browse the Cambodian photo album for inspiration.  The names in bold are favorites of Silk and Stones Travel

Visa:  A Cambodian visa is easiest using the online “e-visa”  application on this web site:  Or print out and complete the application and mail with your passport to the Cambodian Embassy. 

Tipping:  A 10% service charge is frequently included in restaurants and bars.  If not, add an approximate 10%.  For outstanding service, leave a bit more.  For baggage handling, US norms are appropriate, especially in the four and five star hotels.  Hotel housekeeping staff are paid little, and a small amount left on the nightstand each day is greatly appreciated. For sightseeing guides and drivers, an average tip for a small group (2-6) is $15-20 per day for a guide and $25-30 if the group is larger. An average tip for a daily driver is $10-15/day for a small group and $20-25/day for larger group.  For unusual or exceptional service, $30-35/day for guide and $20/day for drivers. 

Country Information:  Read some key facts in the Cambodia Country Information sheet.

Phnom Penh Shopping:

  1. 1. Central Market - an Art deco masterpiece, built in 1937 with a tall cruciform rotunda with four wings.  The eastern entrance is the best for T-shirts, hats, and souvenirs, as well as bootleg copies of novels and books on Cambodia.  Jewelry, gold smiths and watch repair counters are in the main rotunda.

  2. 2. Jasmine Boutique, designer Cassandra McMillan, #73 Street 240, +855 (0) 23 223 103,

  3. 3.Mr. Sit Down - for Hoeu Sareth’s gems and workanship are excellent – 116 CEO Sihanouk Blvd (855-12-805-428) NYTimes

  4. 4. L’Armoire – sweet boutique with well cut dresses from owner, Alexandra Barter on 126 Street 19 (855-23-722-310)

  5. 5. Ambre – in an old colonial mansion carries men’s suits and fancy dresses at 37 Street 178 (855-23-722-310) NYTimes

  6. 6. Tabitha – my favorite for fair trade scarves made from homeless women supported to become self-sufficient, #239, Corner of 51 and 360, (855) 23 721 038

  7. 7. Kravan House, great scarves, purses, supports handicapped women, just off Sisowath Quay at 13EO St 178, 855 023 990195

  8. 8. Russian Market -- a few $$ less for traditional scarves and silver boxes in animal and fruit shapes.  Visit Oum Sunline at Stall #987/988 for silk scarves, 011 73 80 02; Mrs. Mony Chhean at Stall #87 toward the back for reliable jewelry advice, fine stones,

  9. 9. Central Market – unusual Deco domed building with extensive jewelers and all the other local market stalls.  Try Visakha Jewelry for good and less expensive pearls, #97-107

  10. 10.  Hanuman for a small shop of beautiful antiques and jewelry.  Near Tabitha.  Worth it just to look.

  11. 11.Orange River, 361 Sisowaath Quay, FCC Bldg.  I haven’t been to this shop, but it is well recommended and right across from the hotel for the boat races and floats

  12. 12.Beautiful Shoes – get shoes custom make (if you have more than a day or two), 138BEo, St 143, BKK District, 012 848 438

  13. 13. Health Care center Master Kang – utilitarian ambience, but well trained masseuses at 456 Monivong Blvd (85523-7221-765)

  14. 14. Bliss for colorful, feminine clothes and linens, and a lovely spa for a pampering facial at 29 Street 240 (855-23-215-754) facials $38-45

  15. 15. Reyum Institute of Arts and culture for modern art at 47 Street 178 855-23-217-149

  16. 16. Chocolate Shop for a slab of dark chocolate encrusted with crushed Kampot pepper at 35 Street 240 855-23-998-638

  17. 17. Silk and Pepper shop across from the National Museum.  Owner also runs The Wok restaurant

  18. 18. Rajana - fair trade organization supporting Cambodian artisans.  Shops in Phnom Penh (corner of Russian Market) and in Siem Reap (between Red Piano and Angkor What? shops, also front of Night Market

  19. 19. Water Lily Creation - boutique and atelier of Christine Gauthier.  Using old beads and buttons found at flea markets she designs accessories that are unique, feminine, fascinating.  37 St 240, 855/12- 812-469

  20. 20. Veayobotr - antiques and artifacts from all over Asia.  188 Eo, Preah Ang Eng St (St 13), *855) 23 986690, near the National Museum and Friends Restaurant

  21. 21. Phnom Penh Sofitel - newly opened in 2010 centrally located with elegant facilities, great restaurants

Phnom Penh Restaurants

  1. 22. Khmer Sarin-wonderful, traditional open air restaurant

  2. 23. The Wok- French, Asian bistro across from the Amanjaya and the National Museum

  3. 24. FCC – the place during the invasion and evacuation of Phnom Penh.  Go for the history and a drink on the balcony overlooking the river. At 363 Sisowath Quay, 023 724 014

  4. 25. Cafe Yejj – small bistro near the Russian Market with an air conditioned second floor, mostly Western sandwiches, smoothies,etc.  Clean and reliable, comforting at 92, St 432, 023-224400,

  5. 26. Friends (Mith Samianh), trains street children for hospitality trade, near Streets 13 and 178

  6. 27. La Residence – luxury restaurant at the La Residence Hotel, 22-24 Streeet 214 (85523-224-582) NYTimes

  7. 28. Sovanna Restaurant – Khmer corner shop cooking at 2 Street 21 (855-12-840-055)

  8. 29. Metro for martinis at a sleek, modern place at Sisowath Quay at Street 148 (855-23-222-275)

  9. 30. The Shop - wonderful lunch stop on Street 240 35 S5 240, 855-23/998-638

  10. 31. The Wine Restaurant, famed for Gallic cuisine, stylish, near shopping on Street 240 at 219 St 19, 855-23/2233-527

  11. 32. Ocean Restaurant - seafood restaurant around the corner from the Goldiana Hotel. #11 288 St., 012 17 666 90.

  12. 33. Cafe Metro Stylish Bar with a terrace overlooking the river:  Sisowath Quay Road and Street 148, 02=11-855-23-222-275

  13. 34. Chow Slick Bar with Asian fusion food and hip style:  Sisowath Quay Road, 011-955-23-224-894

  14. 35. La Residence, expensive French colonial cuisine in a former prince’s residence.  22/24 Street 214, 011-855-23-224-582

  15. 36.Lunch Box serves three meals in a patio and garden seting with lots of cushions at No. 14 St 282,  (0)9255 3743

  16. 37. Sonoma Oyster Bar - Signature dish with Pacific and rock oysters. (0)2 322361

  17. 38. Van’s Restaurant - fine French dining housed in a stunning colonial villa

  18. 39. Le Moon - chic rooftop dining and drinking with stunning vistas overlooking Tonle Sap river

Phnom Penh Hotels:

  1. 40. Raffles Le Royal near The Central Market, wonderful, renovated Queen of the luxury hotels, old French Colonial building, 92 Rukhak Vithel llDalun Penh, 800-768-9009

  2. 41. Amanjaya Pancam - wraparound balconies with views of the river - necessary during the annual water festival procession. (0) 2 321 9579

  3. 42. Goldiana Hotel in BKK, NGO favorite, but dirty and seedy

  4. 43. Anise in BKK, no elevator, near Goldiana, much cleaner than the Goldiana

  5. 44. The Pavilion Pleasant Hotel - boutique hotel in a good location with a good restaurant, 227 St 19, 011-855-23-222-280.  Alexis de Suremain is the Manager.

  6. 45.The Blue Lime is a small, tasteful boutique hotel near the Royal Palace.  Enjoy cocktails at the infinity pool surrounded by the garden at 42 Street 192 (0)23 222260

  7. 46. Almond Hotel near the riverfront, owned by Cambodia’s premier chef, Luu Meng, for the best dim sum in the cit.  Offers spacious wifi rooms and a wonderful spa.  128F Sothearos Blvd, 02322 0822

  8. 47. The Amanjaya Pancam with 21 spacious and stylish suites furnished wiht wooden floors, rosewood furniture and local textiles, overlooking hte Tonle Sap River.

  9. 48. Blue Tongue Cafe - simple and stylish mid-range hotel for eco-conscious tourists.  Includes a cafe.

  10. 49. Villa Langka - boutique hotel in a calm oasis in central Phnom Penh.  14 St 282

Phnom Penh Activities:

  1. 50. Champei Spa and Salon offers traditional and contemporary massage at No. 38 Street 51,  (0)23 222846

Siem Reap Shopping:

  1. 51. Wanderlust, The Alley West, Old Market Area.  Elizabeth Kiester offers a fashion line that is distinctive, affordable and appealing.  Products are made by Cambodian artisans., 855-63-965-980

  2. 52.Hotel de la Paix Arts Lounge - large gallery and space with new collections monthly by new Khmer and Asian artists.  Sivutha Blvd. 855-63/966-000

  3. 53. The Victoria Spa offers treatments from chocolate facials to four hand massage in lovely clean roms at the Victoria Hotel, Central Park, (0) 376 0428

  4. 54.Siem Reap Book Center - selection of school supplies and text books right next to the Blue Pumpkin.  Also has the daily International Herald Tribune, #699 Pithnou St, Phoum Mondol I, Khum, Svadankum, +855 11 652 333,

  5. 55. Heritage Suites Boutique Hotel art space offers rotating exhibitions every three months with local and international artists in an elegant French colonical residence.  Wat Polanka, 063 969 100

  6. 56.McDermott Gallery FCC - a showcase of the well known Angkor photographer, John McDermott, the result of a 15 year art project in a new building next to the FCC along the river.  012 274 274.  There is also a McDermott Gallery in the alley behind Pub Street

  7. 57.Obriot Gallery offers contemporary art inspired by Buddhist spirituality and is also the studio of interior designer Jean Pierre Obriot 092 521 801

  8. 58.Eric Raisina- a small, polished collection for men and women using silk at 053 Veal Village, kok Chork, Wat Thmey by appointment only (063) 963 207, or email

  9. 59.Garden of Desire is a boutique gallery of creative jewelry designs founded by designer Ly Pisith located in the Passage, Old Market Area +855 12 319116

  10. 60. Jasmine Boutique at the FCC shops, silk hand-embroidered or with lace applique 063 760 610

  11. 61. Khmer Attitude - exclusive couture and high end crafts in a stylish boutique at Raffles Hotel, 012 950 052

  12. 62. Poetry - gallery for artworks, clothes and lifestyle objet designed by Loven Ramos an Don Protasio located in the Alley West, 092 490 375

  13. 63. Orange River - original designs with taditional methods to create modern, elegant Cambodian products.   Located in the gallery and shopping arcade at FCC. 063 760 284,

  14. 64. Tiger Lily is a small and well appointed boutique/gallery at the FCC shops with a stunning array of Khmer artifacts including restored Khmer lacuer ware, bronze water bowls and buddhas and silver.  063 761 446

  15. 65. Wild Poppy across from the shop selling great knock off glass frames and lenses, and down the street from Hotel de la Paix at 26 Sivutha Blvd.  Great chic and inexpensive frocks and jewelry.

  16. 66.Eastern Ages - Khmer jewelry, probabaly from Chiang Mai.  Old fabrics and jewelry.  #25, Lape Street Mondul, 2 Village, Svaydong Kom Commune.  Contact Billy Wilson at 011 82 40 99

  17. 67. Chum Theany Angkor pHotoshop - go here to find all the souvenirs that are at the Old and Central Market at lower prices.  Shop #0239 on the road to Angkor Wat, 012 911 994/012 235 349

  18. 68. Natural Gem Stones Shop II, #G11 Center Market , email to  Stop to purchase repro watches and tell them Kathy the teacher sent you. 

  19. 69. Circle Boutique - original design to be customized , West Alley, 09264 9122

  20. 70. Art Deli - gallery with cafe with Siem reap crafts.

  21. 71. Khmer Group Art of Weaving - a small studio and shop located in Bakong District, northeast of Preah Ko temple, 13 km from central Siem Reap.  Director is Hin Yoeun, 012 892 965

Siem Reap Restaurants:

  1. 72. Mouhot’s Dream at the Sofitel Royal Angkor Hotel.  Restaurant built on stilts in the middle of Sala Lake.  Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Khum Svay Dang Kum, 011-855-63-964-600

  2. 73. Cafe Indochine near Psar Kandal (Central Market) --  modernized Khmer cuisine, such as chicken amok, loc lac at 44 Sivatha Ave, 011-855-12-804-952

  3. 74. Viroth – elegant Khmer cuisine:  ginger fish is outstanding, lovely open air pavilion at #246 Wat Bo St (behind La Residence 012 826 346

  4. 75. Blue Pumpkin—a cafe near Pub Street with wonderful smoothies, free wireless, good sandwiches.  There is also a cafe run by Artisans de Angkor opposite Angkor Wat where the food is supplied by Blue Pumpkin1

  5. 76. Au Comptoir Bar and Brasserie, across from the Blue Pumpkin.  Serves French bistro food

  6. 77.Auberge Mont Royal-small hotel, locally owned, fun bar and great pool, personal driver available

  7. 78. Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor—have a cocktail in the Elephant Bar for colonial nostalgia

  8. 79. Le Bistrot - a lovely French restaurant in the Victoria Angkor Resort Hotel

  9. 80. Alliance Art Cafe -  Lovely French Khmer restaurant near the old market.  Offers cooking clases.  Wat Damnak ,7 Makara Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia  (855 63) 964 940.

  10. 81. Soup Dragon - two floors of open air dining for soup, spring rolls, and stir fries at 369 Group 1, Mondol 1, 6396 4933

  11. 82.Silk Garden Bar for cocktails on a thatched terrace at The Lane

  12. 83. Picasso for cocktails and tapas in The Passage (south) 09249 0375

  13. 84.Il Forno - great pasta and pizza (0) 9 271 8653

  14. 85. Touich and Sobey - off the beaten path, but with a scenic drive and wonderful Khmer cuisine (0) 9 280 8040

  15. 86. Nest Angkor - a new hip spot with an intimate, candle-lit daybeds tucked under a canvas tent roof.  Down the street from the Hotel De La Paix.

  16. 87. Green Star - non-profit restaurant that contributes to the Green Gecko Project working to keep street children from begging.  +855 (0) 89 411 830

Siem Reap Hotels, Guesthouses

  1. 88. Soria Moria Hotel -- spic and span inexpensive small hotel, used each summer by Teachers across Border group, Kristin Holdo Hansen Managing Director, 012 423 920 at, Wat Bo Rd, Siem Reap

  2. 89. Victoria Angkor Hotel at Central Park, lovely local style hotel with pool, bar, central location, located at Central Park, (855 63)00 760 428

  3. 90. Viroth Hotel - boutique property designed in the new Khmer style of the 50s and 60s with bare white walls and colorful local ‘objets” at 658 Wat Bo Village, 1277 8096Auberge Mont Royal, great pool and bar, locally owned

  4. 91.Hotel de la Paix, 107 rooms, Art Deco and Khmer decor, great spa, 855-63/966-000

  5. 92.Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, restored colonial property, 800-768-9009,  Special off through December for two nights, cooking class, dinner, and tickets to Angkor Wat

  6. 93.Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Resort - another of the great Sofitel properties with 238 rooms, 5 restaurants, and golf course.

  7. 94. La Noria - quiet hotel with a beautiful garden with 28 rooms in sever 2 story bungalows around a pool and restaurant.  North of National Rd 6

  8. 95. Salai Bai - tuded in an alley, this four room inn provides top drawer service.  And it doubles as a not for profit training center.

  9. 96. The Bong Thom Homestay - Travel out of town to stay on a local fruit farm to experience everyday life in rural Cambodia.  Slow down the pace and tour the countryside by ox-cart.

  10. 97. Alliance Cafe and Guest House - housed in a French colonial building combines a classy villa with a modern restaurant in the heart of Siem Reap.

Siem Reap Activities:

  1. 98. Acodo Orphanage Traditional Dancing - every evening at 6:30pm about 1200m down the main road to Tonle Sap lake. 012 73 43 06

  2. 99. Santepheap Traditional Khmer Dancing performed by the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace every Sunday evening at 7pm, (855) 092 407 077. Follow the signs at the turn for Thmor Meas Hotel, about 5 km from the old market.

  3. 100. Sunrise Children’s village - orphanage run by an Australian Geraldine Cox.

  4. 101. Near Siem Reap, Phnom Kulen park is a locals pilgrimage site.  Travelers can trek from BAntea Srei or jeep to the start.  Hiking leads to a tiered waterfall for a picnic spot.  The adventurous can camp overnight beside the waterfall.  A highlight is Kabal Spean, or the River of 1000 Lingas, a collection of Hindu carvings on the riverbed.

Cambodia Other Resources:

  1. 102. Emerging Markets Consulting -- consulting firm in CAmbodia and Laos at #201 Hong Kong Center, Samdech Sotheros Blvd.  +855 (23) 221890

  2. 103. Nhim Kosal, English Speaking Guide in PP:, #179F, Sst 907, Toul Sangke Village, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, (855-12) 64 64 72

  3. 104. Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay) - best beaches on the coast, access via a ferry from Kep.  In Kep, try the Vine Retreat

  4. 105. Kep:  Knai Bang Chatt located waterside close to the Crab Market ($150-300+ high season)or Veranda Natural Resort located inland, up a steep hill ($40-210 high season) or Kep Mailibu Estates inland up a short dirt road ($35-120, high season)

Cambodia Reading and Watching List:

  1. 106. Pol Pot – Anatomy of  a Nightmare by Philip Short

  2. 107.The Killing Fields, from the movie by Sydney Schambrrg

  3. 108.To the End of Hell:  One Women’s Struggle to Survive Cambodia’s Khmer Rouse by Denise Affonco.  Started as testimony in the trials of the Khmer Rouge leaders.

  4. 109.The Gate by Francois Bizot, French prisoner who survived the Khmer Rouge imprisonment

  5. 110.Visit the official web site of The Documentation Center of Cambodia for information on the Khmer Rouge war crimes

  6. 111.Sideshow:  Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia by William Shawcross

  7. 112.See the movie, Apocalypse Now, for a harrowing view of war in NE Cambodia

  8. 113. Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan aobut Col.John P. Vann, won a Pulitzer Prize, about disillusionment with war

  9. 114.The Customs of Cambodia by Chou Ta Kuan, adapted from 1296 observations about life in Cambodia

  10. 115.The History of Cambodia by David Chandler

  11. 116.Souls the Gods Had forsaken by Ralph Modder

  12. 117.To Asia with Love:  A Connoisseurs‘ Guide to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam edited by  Kim Fay

  13. 118. Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge—Evan Gottesman

  14. 119.Getting Away With Genocide:  Elusive Justice and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal-Fawthrop and Jarvis

  15. 120.Why Did They Kill -  Alexander Laban Hinton

  16. 121.“Diary of an Escaped Sex Slave” - Abigail Pesta, Marie Claire, NOvember 2009--story of Sreypov Chan’s life in a brothel in Phnom Penh as a child and her escape.

  17. 122.The Khmer Empire--Cities and Sanctuaries from the 5th to the 13th Century, Claude Jacques and Philippe Lafond.  The second of a series of books on Cambodia and the Khmer empire.

  18. 123. “Out of the Poison Tree” - A TV program about an American survivor of the Cambodian genocide, returning to solve her father’s disappearance in 1975, available at

  19. 124.“Global Voices - The Flute Player” - a musician tries to rescue traditional Cambodian music from extinsction and recover his identity. Difficult to find, but the TV program web site is

  20. 125. “Independent Lens - New Year Baby” - a woman’s quest to uncover the secret of how her family survived the Khmer Rouge genocide -

Health, Medical, and Education:

  1. 126. Ysreyvya - Indochina Medical Group - provides patient services for the Raffles Hospital Group.  #339A, St. 163, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: 855-17 978 999

  2. 127. SOS International Clinics - House 161, Street 51,+855 12 816 911

  3. 128. TAB Siem Reap

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