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Miao Women at Sister’s Meal Festival*

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Review the restaurants, hotels, shops, books, articles, and activities to help you find just the right spot on your trip for the perfect dinner, shop, museum, or spa.  The names in bold are SIlk and Stones Travel favorites.

Tipping: A 10% service charge is frequently included in restaurants and bars.  If not, add an approximate 10%.  For outstanding service, leave a bit more.  For baggage handling, US norms are appropriate, especially in the four and five star hotels.  Hotel housekeeping staff are paid little, and a small amount left on the nightstand each day is greatly appreciated.  For sightseeing guides and drivers, an average tip for a small group (2-6) is $15k-20 per day for a guide and $25-30 per day if the group is larger.  An average tip for a daily driver is $10-15/day for a small group and $20-25/day for a larger group.  For unusual or exceptional service, increase this to $30-25/day for guides and $20/day for drivers.


Travel Companies:

  1. 1. Karin Hansen

  2. 2. Mei Zhang, Wild China, Bethesda, MD

Hong Kong:

  1. 3. Hotel Jen - new 280 room hotel with rooftop pool overlooking Victoria Harbor.  Daily rate of 4104 covers breakfast.  508 Queen’s Rd, W

  2. 4.Central Park Hotel - on Hollywood Road famous for antiques shops with 142 rooms from $103 including a morning buffet on the terrace at 263 Hollywood Rd


  1. 5. Yuzi Paradise - Contemporary Art Garden near Guilin, stay at Hotel of Modern Art, and rent a bicycle to explore the park’s trails.  Take a class in calligraphy and ceramics, and find the 500 year old “stone city”.

  2. 6. Linden Centre in Yunnan - a restored inn with a series of programs to art, architecture, culture, and food.  Try A Family Dream, South of the Couds, hands on exploration of weaving, calligraphy and wood-carving, and Photojourney to Yuannan through Lijiang and Shangri-La with photographer Alison Wright, 86-872/245-2988

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Photo courtesy of Charles Meacham