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Water Puppets for Sale in the Old Quarter, Hanoi

Vietnam City Resources

Review the lists of restaurants, hotels, shops, books, articles, and activities to help you find just the right spot on your trip for the perfect meal, room, museum, or spa.  The names in bold are Silk and Stones Travel favorites. See the Vietnam Photo Album for inspiration to build your personal itinerary.

Visa:  Vietnam requires a visa for all visits to Vietnam.  Visas can be obtained from the Vietnam embassy in Washington, D.C.  A “visa on arrival” is also possible, but requires a pre-approved letter.  You cannot board a flight to Vietnam without either the visa or the pre-approved letter.  The Embassy web site is

Tipping:  A 10% service charge is frequently included in restaurants and bars.  If not, add an approximate 10%.  For outstanding service, leave a bit more.  For baggage handling, US norms are appropriate, especially in the four and five star hotels.  Hotel housekeeping staff are paid little, and a small amount left on the nightstand each day is greatly appreciated. For sightseeing guides and drivers, an average tip for a small group (2-6) is $15-20 per day for a guide and $25-30 if the group is larger. An average tip for a daily driver is $10-15/day for a small group and $20-25/day for larger group.  For unusual or exceptional service, $30-35/day for guide and $20/day for drivers.

Hanoi Restaurants:  Hanoi cuisine dishes to try:  bun cha – rice noodles with pork and vegatables. banh cuon – steamed rice crepes with fillings, bo bay mon – beef dishes, cha ca – fish grilled with tumeric and dill, nem ran – spring rolls, and pho bo – beef noodle soup.  Browse and for the latest news on Hanoi restaurants and other services

  1. 1.  Moca Cafe--on Nha Tho, the prime shopping street.  Serves West and Vietnam casual dishes.

  2. 2. The Cart--on the street behind A Trieu, fresh juices, sandwiches, delivers if you’re in a guesthouse without a restaurant.  Has an upstairs to read and watch the scene below.  Run by Mr. Martin and Ms Loan.  Open only for breakfast and lunch.

  3. 3. Cafe Kiti -- a lovely small restaurant in the old quarter just a few blocks from the Quac Hoa Hotel.  Excellent service, including a reasonable wine list.  Delicate touch with traditional Hanoi favorites:  spring rolls, pork, beef, shrimp dishes.  Manager is Mr. Kien Nguyen Van, 38 Hang Hom Street, (84-4) 9287241

  4. 4. KOTO (“Know One Teach One”) -- restaurant training street children next to the Temple of Literature at 59 Van Mieu St, in Dong De District.

  5. 5. Cafe Hideway -- another of KOTO’s restaurants at 101 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

  6. 6. Stop Cafe -- little sandwich spot in Backpacker Alley at 11b Ngo BAo Khanh

  7. 7. Restaurant Bobby Chinn -- Hanoi’s most upscale restaurant with sake steamed crab salad and blackened barramundi at 77 Xuan Dieu St, 011-84-4-3719 2460

  8. 8. Vine Wine Boutique Bar and Cafe -- menu of Western and Asian dishes, with a gret wine list at 1A xuan Dieu Tay Ho District, 011-84-4- 719-8000

  9. 9. Le Beaulieu at the Sofitel Metropole, 15 Ngo Quyen St, 011-84-4-826-6919

  10. 10. Huong Bien Quan, 30 Tong Duy Tan St, specializing in crab

  11. 11. 146 Bao Khanh St, for banh cuon (rice pancakes stuffed with ground pork and mushrooms

  12. 12. 87 Hang Dieu St, eel rice soup

  13. 13. 1 Hang Manh So St, bun cha, grilled pork patties

  14. 14. 24 Duong Thanh St, for cha ca

  15. 15. Sen Vietnamese Restaurant -- #10 , 431 Alley Au Co Road, Hanoi 719 9242

  16. 16. Sofitel Hotel:  Bamboo Bar, La Terasse, Spices Garden

  17. 17. 22 Ma May – tiny traditional house with Hanoi cuisine.  Anh Tuyet is owner.  Eat dishes off of red, short legged tables in a nostalgic atmosphere.  Sip yellow-flower sticky rice liquor, take a bite of stir-fried pork pie, and enjoy sweetened sticky rice porridge.

  18. 18. Dong Son Drum Restaurant – one of the largest restaurants in Hanoi, cuisine from Hanoi, Hue and the south, also some Euro-Asian dishes.  1 Tran Dang Ninh St, Cau Giay District, 04-3-833-9999

  19. 19. Nha hang Sen Nam Thanh—former royal villa, traditional Viet cuisine, along with European dishes.  84B Nguyen Du,  (84-4) 9410307

  20. 20. Au Lac House - Graceful, airy old mansion serving Vietnamese cuisine at 13 Tran Hung Dao, Hai Ba Trung, 933 3533

  21. 21. Tara Restaurant, 3A Ngo Quyen, 84-4 935 1068

  22. 22. Seasons of Hanoi - Lovely, quality Vietnamese restaurant in old villa away from hectic downtown at 958 Pho Quan Thanh, +84 4 835444

  23. 23. Lac Viet - 5 atmospheric little dining rooms at 18 Thi Sach, Hai Ba Trung, 943 9686

  24. 24. Green Tangerine - Restored colonial house in the old quarter, combination of french and eurasian cuisine at 48 Hang Be, Old Quarter, 825 1286

  25. 25. Hoa Sua – garden terrace, cool balcony, waiters are students of Hoa Sua school, at 28 A Ha Hoi, 942 4448,

  26. 26. Bun Bo Nam Bo – beef on wheat noodles wt herbs, peanuts, and lime juice at 67 Hang Dieu, Old Quarter, 04/923 0701

  27. 27. Tamarind

  28. 28. Wild Rice—another of the lovely, elegant French Vietnam restaurants run by the group that owns Au Lac and Seasons

  29. 29. My Way- quiet refuge located in modern Hanoi building. 83 Ly Thuong Kiet

  30. 30. Baguette and Chocolate --bakery and sandwich shop, run by the same organization that operates Hoa Sua at the Ethnology Museum,

  31. 31. Cha Ca La Vong – an institution for trying fried white fish.   Too touristy.

32.Also see for more restaurants, reviews, etc

33.Indochine for banana blossom salad

34.Nam Phuong near the Sofitel

35.Sum Villa Restaurant overlooking West Lake recently opened in Ho Tay Villa, 10 Dang Thai Mai St, 04 719 5511

  1. 36.La Verticale for Chef Didier Corlou’s Vietnamese fusion at 19 Ngo Van So St, 04 944 6317

  2. 37.Wild Lotus -- 55 A Nguyen Du Str, 04 3943-9342

  3. 38.Halie Restaurant & Bar, Gourmet vietnam Cuisine, Pacific Place Courtyard, 83B Ly Thuong kiet, Hoan Kiem 844-39460121

  4. 39.Pho Gia Truyen Canteen for traditional pho with beef and scallions

  5. 40.Nha hang Sen Nam Thanh, 84B Nguyen Du, 84-4 9410307, reviewed in the Heritage Fashion magazing for traditional, elegant Viet cuisine

  6. 41. Pho Gia Truyen Canteen - Pho with beef and scallions, traditional, delicious

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Hanoi Shopping:

  1. 42. Sen (Unimex Hanoi)-- 68 and 71 Hang Trong St.  Has scarves, bags, and accessories, including some form Sapa.

  2. 43.54 Traditions -- wonderful shop with museum quality artifacts from the minority tribes in northern Vietnam.  Co-owned by Dr. Mark Rapoport and Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung.

  3. 44.Marie-Linh -- elegant linen and silk clothes.  Two shops at 11 Nha THo and 74 Hang Trong  and 38 Hang Trong (home decor).   The shop opposite Sen on Hang Trong has more selection and will make to order

  4. 45.Sapa Shop - Handmade from the Sapa area of Vietnam, striped scarves and embroidered bags, 16a  Hang Bong and 92 Hang Gai

  5. 46.Khai Silk -- upscale silk products in both Hanoi and Saigon at 96 Hang Gai, 121 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

  6. 47.Kenly Silk -- upscale silk products in both Hanoi and Saigon at 108 Hang Gai St, Hanoi

  7. 48.Mosaique -- home accessories at 22 Nha Tho St, 6 Ly Quoc Su St., also in Saigon

  8. 49.Ashima -- 44 Phan Dinh Phung St, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi and at 182 Trieu Viet Vuong in Hai Ba Trung

  9. 50.Hoe Sua Embroidery and Sewing -- teaches street kids and poor people to sew and embroider at 63 A Trang Thi Street, 934 2792

  10. 51.Pinocchio -- sells traditional wooden clogs adorned with embroidery at 129 Hang Bong St, 928 6282

  11. 52.Van Tribal Heritage-small shop in the old quarter at 26 Hang be with some great old pieces, and some newer souvenirs

  12. 53.Hanoi Handicrafts - small shop with old pieces in the old quarter (near Van Tribal Handicrafts) at 18 Hang Be, *84-4_ 39264653

  13. 54.  Craft Link, 43 Van Mieu 84-4 7336101,  fair trade company with wonderful embroidered bags and totes

  14. 55.Bamboo and Rattan Shop:  2 Ba Trieu St. 8269124

  15. 56.Vietnamese House, 92 Hang Bac, 8262455 (bamboo and rattan)

  16. 57. Art Vietnam Gallery - Suzanne Lecht’s contemporary art gallery in a newly renovated house at 7 Nguyen Khac Nhu around the corner from 54 Traditions Gallery.  The Sales Director is Lisa Boulet,, and the gallery phone is +84 (0) 126 464 2885

  17. 58. Apricot Gallery - lovely contemporary art gallery at 40B Hang Bong St in the Old Quarter.

  18. 59. Viet Fine Arts Gallery, 96 Hang Trong St, (84-4) 3928 6667

  19. 60. Ngoc Diep Emerald Silk – small shop on backpackers street,  good prices on jackets, 9 Bao Khanh St, (04) 3824 7215

  20. 61. Ipa Nima—elaborate embroidered and beaded handbags at 108 Nguyen Huu  Huan Street, 9340876

  21. 62. The Warehouse Wine Store - well selected wine store in the Old Quarter near the Cathedral at 59 Hang Trong, (84-4) 928 7666.

  22. 63. Thanh Chuong Palace - home and studio of one of Vietnam’s celebrated painters.

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Hanoi Hotels, Guesthouses:  Tip a concierge about $20 for special services.  Cleaning staff about $1-2/day in larger hotels, left at the end of your stay.

  1. 64. Hotel de l’Opera - new 5 star hotel down the street from the opera house with 107 rooms.  

  2. 65.Galaxy Hotel at the north end of the Old Quarter, business hotel convenient to Dong Xuan market and to the government buildings

  3. 66. Saigon Hotel -- a bit better than Quoc Hoa on 80 Ly Thuong Kiet Street

  4. 67. Palace Hotel -- 80 Cua Bac St (my first hotel in Hanoi, north of the old quarter), basic, clean

  5. 68. Especen Hotel -- Basic, but clean and well run guest house in the Old Quarter near the Cathedral at 28 Tho Xuong and 41 Ngo Huyen St.

  6. 69.The Church Hotel on Ngu Tho near the cathedral

  7. 70.Maison d’Hanoi, modern hotel at 35 Hang Trong St

  8. 71.  Quoc Hoa Hotel -- small boutique hotel in the old quarter at 10 Bat Dan St, 84-4—8284528

  9. 72.Green Mango – boutique hotel in the Old Quarter with a garden, and restaurant, décor by Mosaique, 18 Hang Quat St, 04 928 9916e

  10. 73. Maison Hanoi - newly renovated in central Old Quarter at 35 Hang Trong St, 84-4-3938-0999

  11. 74. Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel - next to the Opera House

  12. 75. Mercure Hanoi La Gare - classic colonial charm close to the Old Quarter, 102 rooms

  13. 76. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake - convenient to West Lake office buildings.  Views of the 800 yr old Golden Lotus Pagoda

Hanoi Other Resources:  Guides should get about $10/person/day and drivers about $5/person/day.  Round up tips for taxi drivers from the fare.

  1. 77.Bike outside of Hanoi on endless stretches of flat roads

  2. 78.  Duong Lam Ancient Village - visit one of Vietnam’s truly ancien tvillages

  3. 79.  Ky Son “homestay” near Van Giang Village

  4. 80.  Visit sacred TAm Coc Caves

  5. 81.  Visit local markets with chef Daniel Hoyer

  6. 82.  Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour--87 Ma May Street wood front row house (see article).

  7. 83.Hanoi’s Ceramic Road, founder Nguyen Thu Thuy, New Hanoi Arts Company.  Runs along the dike at Au Co, Nghi Tam, Yen Phu, Tran Nhat Duat, Tran Quang Khai and Tran Khanh Du  Streets.

  8. 84.Children’s Festival in mid autumn (see Ma May walk.  Inside 87 are simple tin boats, paper lanterns, and tin rabbit drums

  9. 85.Madame Tuyet, Hanoi chef, for a Vietnam cooking class

  10. 86. Tho Ha Village tour to see local famiies making rice paaper and raising pigs

Hanoi Health and Medical:

  1. 87. Family Medical Practice - first family, multi speciality international medical practice in Hanoi.  Van Phuc Compound 298 I Kim Ma Road, Ba Dinh District, +84 4 3843 0748,

Ha Long Bay Resources:

  1. 88. Ha Long Bay Hotel -- middle of the road hotel near the Quay in Ha Long Bay.

  2. 89. Green Zoom project--Ha Long Bay project to give children cameras

  3. 90. Emeraude Classic Cruises - luxurious replica steamer with 37 full view cabins

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Mai Chau Minority Villages

  1. 91.Mai Chau Resort Lodge - fairly new, lovely lodge at the head of the valley near Mai Chau.  Wonderul ambience and service. Will arrange transport from Hanoi.

Hue Restaurants:

  1. 92.An Dinh Vien – dress as royalty in ancient Hue with musicians  and all the trappings

  2. 93.Y Thao Garden

  3. 94.Ancient Hue Restaurant – traditional, imperial banquets, cooking classes at 11/3 Pham Thi Lien St, 054 590 536

  4. 95.Mediterraneo – sister restaurant to the well known Hanoi restaurant in the Old Quarter

  5. 96.Huyen Anh Restaurant - order local Huda beer and bun thit nuong, made with vermicelli noodles, grilled pork, fresh herbs, and peanut sauce.  Overlooks the Perfume River

  6. 97. Mu Do (Red Lady) Restaurant, in old Gia Hoi district, try ban beo, small crepes topped with deep fried pork skin and sweet and sour sauce.

  7. 98. Lac Thien Restaurant - just outside of Thuong Tu Gate by the Citadel, try banh khoai, crunchy open crepes with shrimp, pork, egg, green banana, mint and peanut sauce.

  8. 99. Le Parfum Restaurant at the La REsidence Hotel, offers Cooking for Kings classes.

  9. 100. Hoang Vien Restaurant - for the tea service

Hue Hotels:

  1. 101. La Residence at 5 Le Loi St.  An art deco beauty with a lovely pool, and a great breakfast buffet

  2. 102. Mercure Hue Gerbera - across the road from the Hue ferry terminal, 108 rooms

  3. 103. Pilgrimage Village - boutique resort with natural architecture and 99 guestrooms.  Excellent Junrei restaurant

Hue Other Resources:

  1. 104. Minh Tu Orphanage

  2. 105.  Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy

Danang Hotels:

  1. 106.Minh Toan Hotel -- newish hotel on main road at 162-2/9 ST, Hai Chau Dist

  2. 107. Furama Resort - 198 rooms/suites are “havens of opulence and craftsmanship”

Hoi An Shopping/Activities

  1. 108.Yali Tailor

  2. 109. Afternoon cruise on the Thu Bon river with stops at Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpenters’ village and a traditional shipbuilding yard.

Hoi An Restaurants/Hotels:

  1. 110.Cafe BAzar for barbecued pork and pho, 84-51-03-91-12-29Brothers Café - try the chili chicken for a wonderful traditional treat

  2. 111.The Nam Hai resort, luxury beachfront resort

  3. 112.Tra Que Herb Village for harvesting herbs and a cooking class

  4. 113.Hai Café at 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc St run by Save Another Day organization, place to learn about local conservations projects, sponsors monthly Hoi An Clean Up campaign, cooking tours

  5. 114. The Nam Hai - T&L’s Best Designed Resort, +84 510 3940000

  6. 115. Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa - on Cua Dai Beach with 164 rooms, including bungalows with traditional architecture.

My Son Resources:

  1. 116. My Son Sanctuary temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Nha Trang Resources:

  1. 117. Cuha Beach

  2. 118. Bamboo basket weaving village and lunch at a local home

  3. 119. Evason Ana Mandara - 74 rooms with elegant interiors in an exclusive retreat

  4. 120. Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay - accessible only by boat, hugs the dramatic rocky coastline, 58 villas, full butler service, 6 star experience

  5. 121. Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa on a 4 1/2 mile beach on Nha Trang Bay.  84-58/388- 0000

Saigon Shopping:

  1. 122.  Rattan:  Bambu Décor, 65 Khac Khoan St., D1

  2. 123.Ben Thanh Market in Le Loi Street for embroidery (bargain)

  3. 124.Khai Silk – high end clothing, 107 dong Khoi St, D1, 829-1146

  4. 125.  Jewelry store near Caravelle Hotel

  5. 126.Ngo Thoi NHiem Street – small lane charming with Soi Da Coffee, Serenata, AcousticBar

  6. 127.Zuan Spa in Park Hyatt pm  (0)8 38241234

Saigon Restaurants:

  1. 128.An Vien -- fine Vietnamese cuisine, in a small lane off Hai BA Trung.  Try fresh rice paper rolls, grilled pork with deep friend sticky rice cakes 178 A Hai Ba Trung St, District 1, 84-8-824-3877

  2. 129.Au Parc -- a French cafe in a charming 2 story bistro/deli facing a park near Notre Dame.  Manager is Ilda Briosca. 23 Han Thuyen, District 1, 84-8-829-2772

  3. 130.L’en tete -- French restaurant with piano bar

  4. 131.Temple Club -- evocative, but mediocre food at the 2nd floor of restored villa at 29D ton That Thiep, 829 924

  5. 132.Ngoc Suong -- family style restaurant famous for inexpensive and fresh seafood.  Recommended are crab with tamarind sauce and shrimps steamed in coconut and flambeed

  6. 133.Square One -- fine dining with five different restaurants under one roof

  7. 134.Saigon Saigon Bar -- rooftop bar at the Caravelle--good for cocktails and views at sunset.

  8. 135.Mandarin -- upscale Vietnamese at a restored teak house.  Try “lau”.  11A Ngo Van Nam, District 1, 011-84-8-822-9783

  9. 136.Nam Phan -- traditional Vietnamese with elegant decor at 64 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, 011-84-8-829-2757

  10. 137.Bamizon, banh mi sandwich at 9 Nguyen Van Chiem District 1, 84-8/3824-8091

  11. 138.Black Cat -- upmarket banh mi at 13 Phan Van Dat ST, 84-8-3829-2055

  12. 139.Anh Phan Bakery -- pared down storefront at 164 Cong Quynh, District 1 84-8/3909 0934

  13. 140.Ta - Banh Mi Thit at 259 Le Thanh Ton, District 1 84-8-3822 9703

  14. 141.Nhu Lan Bakery at 66-68 Nam Nghi District 1, 84-8-3829 2970, open 24 hrs daily

  15. 142.Vietnam House – traditional Vietnamese food in French inspired elegance.  3 levels, start with cocktails at street level for people watching at 939-95 Dong Khoi St, (08) 829 7286

  16. 143.Sesame – hospitality training school for street children at 153 D Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Binh Thanh District, 899 3378

  17. 144.Mandarin – best Vietnamese food wt live traditional music at 11A Ngo Van Nam to the NE of Lam Son sq, 08/822 9783.

  18. 145. Ming Dynasty - wonderful Chinese cuisine at 23 Nguyen Khac Vien St, PMH New Urban, Dist 7, (08) 5411 5555, managed by the Khai Silk company

Saigon Hotels, Guesthouses:

  1. 146.Caravelle Hotel -- 19 Lam Son Square, District 1, 84-4-3829-4999

  2. 147.Park Hyatt -- most elegant opposite Opera house.

  3. 148.Majestic Hotel -- newly restored classic on the Mekong at 01 Dong Khoi Street

  4. 149. Movenpick hotel & Resort (Vanguard Travel)

  5. 150. Sofitel Saigon Plaza (Vanguard Travel)

Phu Quoc Island

  1. 151. Mango Bay Resort - a 3* hotel with great prices.  

  2. 152. La Veranda Resort - bungalows, surrounded by lush gardens, with the best of Asian gastronomy.

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Chau Doc Hotels:

  1. 153.Hotel Victoria Chau Doc at 21 Le Loi, Chau Doc

  2. 154. Chau Pho Hotel with 38 rooms (OAT uses this property)

Vietnam Other Resources:

  1. 155.Pottery Villages:  (see article)

  2. Bat Trang-- on banks of Red River in Gia Lam district

  3. Chu Dau --- banks of the Thai Binh in Hai Duong

  4. 156.Hanoi Academy -- bilingual school at #702, Thanh Cong Tower, 57  Lang Ha, 04-351-486-000 (see article)

  5. 157.Circle Painting Project -- Nguyen Cao Hiep, stages circle painting throughout SE ASia

  6. 158.International Market Development and Investment, 3G1, Bldg G, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can, 04-7624775, social entrepreneur company specializing in equitable trading and consulting in agriculture and handicraft sectors,,

  7. 159.Ton That Thiep Street – appealing lane in Saigon with three blocks of tube housese and shop houses, including the Temple Club restaurant.

  8. 160.Hanoi food tour with Daniel Hoyer, author of Culinary Vietnam.

  9. 161.Lacquer artist in Hue, Ms Xuan Oanh, offers tours of her home studie in Hue, and 2 hour lacquer workshops to introduce students to the art

  10. 162.Chef Didier Corlou will cook in his private residence in Hanoi

  11. 163.Hue visit with acclaimed Vietnamese historian Phan Thuan in his garden house discussing history from his perspective

  12. 164.Roi Nuco village visit to see water puppets being made either on the way to or back from Ha long Bay

  13. 165.Vietnamese calligraphy viewing in Ho Chi Minh, watch a Buddhist nun demonstrate her skills and introduce a private audience to the art

  14. 166.Cruise on the Emeraude in Ha Long Bay, dragon boat race on West Lake, treasure hunt in the Old Quarter

  15. 167.Classic Xe Lam trishaw ride in HCM Chinatown, watch boat races on Mekong

  16. 168.La Veranda at Phu Quoc – the island’s most indulgent resort, Duong Dong Beach, Tran Hung Dao St, Phu Quoc, 077 982 988

  17. 169.Hidden Hanoi cooking classes, choice of 5 different menus, new premises at 137 Nghi Tam, 091 225 4045

  18. 170.The Jayavarman cruise ship between HCM, PP, and SR, Heritage Line, Thomas Peter on 0909 327 309 or

  19. 171.Hue Royal Nights – touristy program of royal entertainment, Hue Historical Relics Preservaton Centre, 23 Tong Duy Tan St, (054) 3529 012/3512-751

  20. 172.Bai Sao Resourt Beach on Phu Quoc.  Stay at La Veranda (84-77/398-2988

  21. 173. Nha Trang Hotel:  Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa, the only beach front resort, reminiscent of a traditional Vietnam village, 1-800-591-7480

  22. 174.Mai Chau is a great trekking destination, home to the White Thai hilltribe with unsurpassed valley views of rice paddies and thatched roof houses.  Accommodation is basic, but the homestays are wonderful opportunities to expereince authentic village lifestyles.  Sample traditional specialities such as bamboo cooked rice and homemade Ruou Can wines.

  23. 175. Cycle an easy 8 km cycle and boat trip down the Mekong

  24. 176. Ride through central Saigon on an antique Vespa and Citroen.

Vietnam Reading List:

1.After Sorrow:  An American among Vietnamese by Lady Borton

2.Boat People and Vietnam Refugees in the United States by Lady Borton

3.Understanding Vietnam by Neil Jamieson,culture and society

4.Vietnam, A Traveler’s Literary Companion by John Balaban, Nguyen Qui Doc, 17 stories

5.Fire in the Lake and Vietnam, Spirits of the Earth  by Frances Fitzgerald

6.Wandering through Vietnam by Huu Ngoc (He briefed me on my first visit to Vietnam, which is why I probably fell in love with the people and the country

7.A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain by Robert Olen Butler,short stories

8.Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong

9.The Quiet American by Graham Greene

10.The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh

11.The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, US soldiers during the war

12.Birth of Vietnam by Keith Taylor – Vietnam’s roots

13.The Smaller Dragon by Joseph Buttinger, Vietnam through 1900

14.The Sacred Willow by Duong Van Mai Elliott, multigenerational saga

15.Where the Ashes Are by Nguyen Qui Duc, a poignant memoir

16.Vietnam, A History by Stanley Karnow, best Vietnam war information

17.See the movies, Indochine, for history and evocative photography of Ha Long Bay, The Fog of War, about McNamara’s reflections on the war, and The Quiet American, with Michael Caine, about Vietnam in the 50’s.

18.“An Old Quarter’s Timeless Lure” – Wall Street Journal, April 11-2009,

19.“The New Look of Saigon, Vietnam” – by Peter Jon Lindberg, Travel + Leisure, September 2008

  1. 20.“Bartered Brides-A Cruel Trade across Vietnam’s border with China” The Economist, March 14, 2009

  2. 21.“Mekong area home to 163 new species, WWF says”, Micael Casey, Denver Post, 9.26.09

  3. 22. “Vietnam’s Economy - Plus One Country” Economist Sept. 4, 2010

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