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What makes the difference between an average trip and the trip you will remember the rest of your life - especially in a remote place?

It’s a great guide.

Even the most memorable place needs the expert advice and help that let you experience the place in the best light and do just the activities that are what you want to do.

The “Eleven Inle Cooperative Travel Desk” is a group of experienced, licensed local guides in Inle Lake.  All of them are passionate about preserving the unique beauty, ecology, and culture of the lake.

This group of 11 elite guides has formed a social enterprise business, “Eleven inle Cooperative Travel Desk”, to help you experience Inle Lake and also to help their younger colleagues who need training and experience to advance in this profession.

Learn more about the services offered and the benefits - to you and the lake by using “Eleven Inle Travel Desk”>

Intha Fisherman on Inle Lake

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Visit the village of ...... for a fascinating glimpse of life on the water.  Rent a shallow canoe and a village rower to take you around the village and see school children on their way to school and all the activities of daily life in a village on the water.  Call Eleven Inle to reserve a boat and a free guide (in-training):

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