Silk and Stones Travel Packing List


Living on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

General Packing Recommendations

Basic Trip Information:  Typical Silk and Stones Travel trips involve sightseeing along with some opportunity to bike or kayak, as weather and interests permit.  Footing everywhere will be uneven, so sturdy shoes, and easy comfortable clothes work best.   Below are general suggestions to help you plan your trip.  Different trips may also have additional packing recommendations, depending on the activities, season, and other unique aspects to the trip. 

Itinerary, Luggage Tags, Contact List:  Keep a contact list with you if case your international flights are delayed and lay a copy of the hotel contact list on the top inside of each item of luggage in case of delays or lost luggage (not foolproof, but helpful). 

Give Away Ideas:  If your trip includes an opportunity to visit rural villages, especially where there are women skilled in embroidery or textile work, consider bringing a sack full of 99 cent reading glasses.  Read about The Reading Glass Project and the delightful results of sharing inexpensive plastic glasses with new friends in villages.  If you aren’t going to villages, but have the opportunity to visit schools, orphanages, or children, bring colored marking pens, notebooks, maps, inflatable globes and if you can go to a local market before you visit the school, bring a soccer ball or two. 

Packing List:  Pack lightly with materials that dry easily if possible.  Hotel laundries can be useful but prices vary.  Typically, simple lightweight slacks, skirts, shirts and sandals are appropriate.  Pants should be cropped or full length, and tops should always cover the shoulders and upper arms. Do remember the essential materials that protect you from sun and rain and uneven roads.  Consider a small duffle or tote for trips including overnight excursions on boats, such as Ha Long Bay or the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  As you get organized, consider taking a photo of everything spread out before you pack for insurance purposes in case of lost or delayed luggage. 

Carry On or Backpack:  whatever purse or day pack you will carry during sightseeing should have zipper closures and be pick pocket proof: 

  1. Documents:   Passport, visa, travel insurance, airline tickets, itinerary and hotel reservation(s), frequent flyer cards, credit cards,  emergency contact numbers,

  2. Camera, memory cards and charger or batteries

  3. Money Belt or neck pouch:  cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards

  4. Socks, sweater for flight

  5. Cosmetic bag: Advil, comb, lipstick, chapstick, nail clipper, nail file, Kleenex

  6. Prescriptions: (per your personal needs)

  7. Business Cards

  8. Electronic device chargers, if needed

  9. Travel journal and pens

  10. Reading material, crossword puzzles

  11. Neck pillow, earplugs, eye shades

  12. Power Bar or snack for flight

  13. Change of underwear, shirt (in case baggage delayed)

Suitcase or Duffel:  Put luggage tags on all bags

Document copies

Personal Items

  1. Guidebooks, maps, phrasebooks as desired

  2. Book, puzzle magazines

  3. Padlocks

  4. Current or plug adapters

  5. Contact lens solution, extra lens, extra glasses, and copy of prescription

  6. Cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, hair products, small mirror

  7. Manicure items

  8. Deodorant

  9. Face, hand and body cream

  10. Toothbrush. toothpaste, floss

  11. Razor and shaving gel

  12. Washcloth

  13. Sun Block

  14. Kleenex, and extra toilet paper

  15. Chapstick

  16. Books:  reading, sightseeing guides

  17. Sewing kit

  18. Antiseptic wipes or Purell

  19. Water Bottle

  20. Insect repellent (some form of Deet)

  21. Extra batteries, as needed

  22. Shopping tote

  23. Extra sunscreen

  24. Small Flashlight and batteries

  25. Laundry supplies:  clothes line, pins, soap,Washcloth, towel, sink stopper

  26. Extra Ziploc bags

  27. Postcards or inexpensive gifts


  1. Bandana or scarf

  2. Lightweight pants, slack, or below knee skirt  (micro fiber or light cotton)

  3. Belt, as needed

  4. Long and short sleeved shirt (s) (Target has ultra light tee shirts that wash and dry overnight)

  5. Lightweight jacket or fleece

  6. Walking shoes or sturdy sandals

  7. Socks, undies

  8. Pajamas

  9. Bathing suit, most hotels have lovely pools

  10. Sun hat (be sure the hat will stay on in wind)

  11. Rain Jacket, pants or poncho

First Aid Kit (there are possibilities, choose according to your needs)

  1. Advil, Aspirin, pain relieve

  2. Cold, flu medicine:  antihistamine and/or decongestant

  3. Diarrhea medicine/Immodium

  4. Oral re-hydration solution

  5. Laxative

  6. Cough suppressant

  7. Antacid or Pepto Bismol

  8. Anti-fungal ointment

  9. Antibiotic for severe diarrhea

  10. Antibiotic cream

  11. Malaria prescription, per personal physician

  12. Iodine tablets or wands

  13. Vitamins, calcium, as required

  14. Blister treatment

  15. Water purification tablets

  16. Tooth pain reliever, Orajel

  17. Pocketknife, nail clippers, or manicure scissors

Please contact Silk and Stones Travel for any additional questions about packing or trip information.

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