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Check each country name and the additional resource web sites listed below for all the resources required for trip planning.  Check the page for each country for personally selected restaurants, shops, activities, and reading lists.  These lists are updated frequently, and we’d like to hear your favorite recommendations.  Just send suggestions to Silk and Stones Travel.

Restaurants, Shopping, and Reading Lists

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About Us

Read about Silk and Stones Travel organization and see photos of guides and guests on trips.

Application and Release of Liability

Please read the Terms and Conditions, fill out the Application and mail with your deposit to ensure your place on a selected trip.

Travelers’ Health

The National Center for Infectious Disease web site provides up to date information for vaccinations, safe food and water, air travel, and a reference materials library.  For those of you in our headquarters city of Denver, Denver Health has one of the best travel clinics.  Enroute or on the trip, consult The International Association for Medical Assistance for help in foreign countries.   These web sites are very helpful:

  1. The Travel Doctor - information on precautions, specific maladies

  2. International Society of Travel Medicine - a database for country specific clinics

  3. The CDC Travelers’ Health Website - listing of clinics in foreign locales

Travel Insurance

Analyze the coverage needed for each trip and apply on line at Travelers Insurance.

State Department, Consular and Security Information

For the latest statistics on each country’s economy and demographic data, check the US State Department web site.   For current embassy and consular information on each country, check the State Department Travel Advisory site. For daily updates, ASI Group will send a free daily Hot Spots briefing.  And the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a partnership of US owned businesses emails newsletters with updates.  Check iPress Center for daily updates.


Check the City Resources page for each country’s visa requirements.  Obtain any necessary visas directly from embassy offices in the US, apply on line (Cambodia), or use a reliable visa service such as Zierer.

World Time

Know the time and date in any part of the world.

Currency Exchange Rates

Check the dollar’s value in the local markets and shops you’ll be visiting.

Flights and Tracking

Book flights through your favorite travel agent. use an international consolidator such as or Sidestep, or book your flights using information from airfare search site, Kayak or Mobissimo.  Read reviews of cabins and classes to select the best seat. Sign up for services that track flights with open award seats.  For multi-segment routes, check AirTreks site.  For premium class tickets, try or 1.800.847.1963.  For long layovers (e.g. Seoul on the return from Siem Reap), check for airport guide information:  terminal maps, layover ideas, restaurant information, ground transportation, and even security checkpoint wait times at domestic airports.  For flights within Asia, search Zuji, Travelocity’s Asian affiliate.  For flexible date fare searches, try Itasoftware; keeping the fare code handy for booking with the actual carrier.  And, check fare forecasting or request a refund when a fare drops.

Staying Connected

Take the right adapters and plugs to keep your devices charged and communicating.  For phone access, check with your carrier or service provider.  internet cafes are available, so “skype” is an inexpensive option.  If you have an internet capable device, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or Nokia smart phone, create an account with Truphone and make international calls for as little as 2 cents/min.  For calls to the US (not between or within countries)  call the local ATT USA Direct number before dialing for a flat rate of 99 cents/min and a service charge.

Packing Lists

Each trip will provide a specific packing list, but check the Packing List for general guidance including suggestions for gifts to villagers.   Review The Reading Glass Project for a really useful, inexpensive gift to elderly in villages.

Social Enterprise Support

Read about some of the interesting Social Enterprises in the locales included in your itineraries, and support these worthwhile business ventures.

Weather Conditions

Find out weather predictions and storm conditions before you leave.


Try the Lonely Planet phrasebook, lingopal 44, Jibbigo, or iTranslate for common travel phrases.  These all run on several of the smart phones.


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Travel Blogs

Here are travel blogs that provide good information and insights:

  1. Barbara’s Princeton in Asia Blog

  2. Pink Pangea - a new source for women travelers

Please contact Silk and Stones Travel for any additional information

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Morning Market in the Old Quarter, Hanoi