Gateway to Asia---Old and New

Bua Mai Hai Chum, Nam Hai Hai Khun:  “Do not bruise the lotuses, or taint the water with stirred mud”

-- a well known Thai proverb based on the old Thai way of life along the riverbanks,

The above, very Thai proverb, is a fitting introduction to exploring Bangkok, the great contemporary international gateway, and Thailand,  a treasury of traditional Thai splendor.  Recover from flights and jet lag with the renown Thai massages and be dazzled by the glitter or the mirrors and gilt on all the temples.  Join locals on the river ferries up and down stopping  at temples, markets, shops and restaurants.   The itinerary below is a suggestion and can easily be extended for a longer exploration of Bangkok.  For additional photos, see the Bangkok photo album.  For more information, please contact Silk and Stones Travel customer service Check the list of Bangkok City Resources available.


Unseen Thailand -- Private Trips available anytime

Bangkok--Gateway to Southeast Asia  -- Private Trips available anytime

Custom, private trips are available at any time.  Following is a sample, custom itinerary to start your planning.

Day 1.  Bangkok Arrival

Enjoy a late breakfast after the long international flight followed by quick trip on the river ferry to the palace complex to see more mirrored tiles and styles of temple guardians, including the fierce one above.
Walk to the several blocks of the amulet market and seek the special amulet to bring the blessings of safe travel and prosperity.  Return to the hotel for a welcome cocktail and an early night to catch up on sleep. 

Day 2 Bangkok Klong Tour

After breakfast, sit in the low klong flat boats and tour the network of canals that once crisscrossed Bangkok.  See a floating market and stop off at the Buddhist bowl store and the Jim Thompson house.  Return to the hotel to get ready for the evening dinner and traditional dance performance at the pavilion of the Oriental Hotel.   

Day 3 Shopping and Sightseeing

On the weekend, join the crowds at the weekend market with literally 15,000 shops offering everything from antiques to pots and pans.  Seek out the section with the arts and antiques and begin learning about the treasures of traditional artisans.  On a weekday, take the river ferry to the Chinese produce and goods market and wander through the stalls.  Be sure to bargain for your purchases in a good hearted style.  Dinner on your own.

Check Resources and Packing List, Application and Terms and Conditions for additional help planning your trip.

For more suggestions, please contact Silk and Stones Travel.

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Fierce, Sparkling Temple Guardian at Royal Palace Complex